“Nothing in this world is so powerful

                 like an idea whose time has come.”

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The pathway for affordable cannabis therapy for people with serious illnesses in Germany has finally been opened up.

In 2017, the German Bundestag adopted an amendment which made it much easier for patients to be prescribed medical cannabis and have the costs reimbursed by their health insurance companies.

LC MED has set itself the goal of actively shaping this path and offers medicines based on cannabis flowers and cannabis extracts of the highest quality and in accordance with our sustainable business philosophy. The company imports and distributes medicinal cannabis to pharmacies and clinical facilities throughout Germany.


In addition to GDP certification for the distribution of medical cannabis, LC MED has, a wholesale license in accordance with Section 52a of the German Medicines Act, a license to handle narcotics in accordance with Section 3 of the German Narcotics Act and a license to market drugs in accordance with Section 7 Paragraph 2 of the German Medicines Act in conjunction with Section 1 Paragraph
2 of the Ordinance on Radioactive Drugs or Drugs Treated with Ionising Radiation (AMRadV) for the Bedrocan cannabis strains from the Netherlands.

We find ourselves globally at a time of change. As legalisation moves across Europe as a whole, more and more people suffering from a whole range of illnesses are being given access to medicinal cannabis as a treatment alternative.

It is our aim to drive this development, and to make up the current shortfall in our knowledge and supply of cannabinoids as medicines for affected patients.

Thanks to the comprehensive expertise of our team in all related spheres and our business group’s wide international network, we bring together both the willingness and the capacity to follow this path.


You would like to learn more about LC MED? You have questions about our company or related to our products? Are you interested in a cooperation? We are looking forward to receiving your inquiry, and will be getting in touch immediately.


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