“Nothing in this world is so powerful

                 like an idea whose time has come.”

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Despite the fact cannabis has been used extensively for millennia as a medicinal plant, over the last few decades this ‘all-rounder’ has become discredited and its medicinal benefits overlooked.

As we are convinced that the cannabis plant offers a broad spectrum of opportunities as an alternative treatment method for a whole range of conditions, a considerable proportion of our concept is targeted towards increasing and spreading knowledge about the topic of medicinal cannabis.

To do this, we support rigorously scientific research projects on the topic and share all relevant scientific findings with patients, doctors and pharmacists.


We also actively participate in the fair and objective exchange of information between patients and experts. We work closely with platforms such as Medican Campus and offer support to patient groups dedicated to sharing their experiences with and knowledge of medicinal cannabis.

We are convinced that the way to offering the best possible therapeutic options to patients is for everyone involved to work together, and this is why we are always on the lookout for new partners and projects which will help promote this dialogue.

We look forward to hearing from you.



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